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Patent Vitality Report

The Patent Vitality Report (PVR) gives patent owners, buyers and sellers an accurate, concise, and objective analysis of the assets in a patent portfolio.
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Unlocking patent potential with an in-depth analysis of innovation and risk.

The Patent Vitality Report:

The practical application of statistical quality scoring on business decision-making

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Rethink how your organization addresses patent valuation and validity.

Patent valuation is not easy to address. While it can be challenging to predict a patent’s worth, analytic tools can provide you the means to assess a patent or collection of patents’ value. 

The Patent Vitality Report (PVR) gives patent owners, buyers, and sellers an objective analysis of the assets in a patent portfolio. It provides valuable patent analysis in five understandable scores: overall strength, litigation risk, monetization potential, new technology value, and patent quality. The PVR, powered by T7 Authority Analysis, offers near-global coverage utilizing Gist®, and the comprehensive and in-depth analysis required for research.

The PVR is ideal for IP counsel, portfolio owners, and C-suite executives who desire a deep look into their patents’ validity. Our AI-powered report allows these individuals to better understand the relative significance of a patent when compared to other patents, as well as the competitive landscape in a particular technology area.

Advantages of PVR
  • Gain insight into the value of patent portfolios before renewing, buying, or selling.
  • Accelerate critical decision-making processes by reducing time needed to review patents. 
  • Gain competitive intelligence. 
  • Inform licensing, R&D, and renewal decisions. 
  • Measure your patent against others with normalized and statistically validated Vitality Scores.
  • Learn more about valuing your patents with the Patent Vitality Report.
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