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Fuel more powerful, defensible IP from conception to monetization with Innovation Power Suite Workflow Solutions. Unprecedented ease of use driven by our proprietary AI-powered Semantic Gist® engine removes the complexity and potential for error that can arise when using free tools from different sources. We give entities everything they need to save time, lower costs and make every decision with the highest confidence.

Download the Patent Analytics Whitepaper’s Patent Insight Indexes, business managers can obtain the information needed to effectively identify high and low-quality intellectual assets in both their own portfolio and in competitors portfolios. In addition, objective data enable managers to apply quality and value metrics to the intellectual property management process.

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The Difference

All the tools and support you need, in one place, to help you generate and refine the best ideas in minutes versus hours. There are plenty of free tools on the market, but customers have shared that using them required about 10x the effort when compared to’s
integrated solutions. In other words, there is a dramatic cost to “free.” We are your one-stop shop to reliably and consistently uncover the information you need to develop and target the best ideas, faster.

    Powerful Integrated AI

    Proprietary Semantic Gist® engine aggregates billions of global IP data points and instantly returns the most accurate and relevant results to better support business-critical decisions. Our AI technology uses natural language to unlock relevant content buried deep within complex patent and technical documents.

    Actionable insights

    Powerful visualizations, “at a glance” synopses and custom reports packed with essential insights help you focus human and capital resources on the most novel, profit-driving ideas. Industry-first Synopsis AI transforms extensive data into succinct synopses that reveal the relevant information you need to make business decisions
    with confidence.


    IP Suite: Analytics

    Patent Vitality Report

    The Patent Vitality Report (PVR) gives patent owners, buyers, and sellers an objective analysis of the assets in a patent portfolio. It provides valuable patent analysis in five understandable scores: overall strength, litigation risk, monetization potential, new technology value, and patent quality.

    Technology VITALITY REPORT

    Our Technology Vitality Report uses a proprietary AI engine to power comprehensive IP evaluation, allowing you to rank ideas quickly, efficiently, and transparently. Get fast and thorough decisions with our Technology Vitality Report (TVR) and improve your review process with less effort.


    Portfolio Intelligence Report

    Assess your patent portfolio value and stay ahead of competitors while optimizing your IP strategy with customized innovation intelligence delivered by our Portfolio Intelligence Report. Our Portfolio Intelligence Report (PIR) can help you quickly rank and understand portfolios of patented and patent-pending technologies.

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