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Learn more about’s professional intellectual property products and services that can benefit your organization. We are improving the world through innovation and helping companies get to market faster.

Driving Innovation Forward, Faster with our Technology Vitality Report and AIDE

Organizations that process large volumes of ideas are intent on accelerating innovation to get key technologies protected, and get to market faster.

Driving Innovation Forward

Discover our new AI-based solution that delivers real-time novelty and market position scoring.

Technology Vitality Report Introduction

This video is an overview of the features and benefits the Technology Vitality Report has to offer.

How to Defensively Publish

Learn how to defensively publish your disclosures with by watching this quick and easy video tutorial.

InnovationQ® Plus

This video is an overview of the features and benefits InnovationQ® Plus has to offer.

How to Find Surprising Insights in Your Prior Art Search

Make sure there is no easy way to design around your patent.’s CTO Sam Baxter shows you how to find surprising insights in your prior art search.

Patent Analytics for the C-Suite’s CTO Sam Baxter shows you how to provide patent analytics for the c-suite in this video.

Improve Patent Ideation and Monetization with InnovationQ®

With semantic search and advanced Boolean query, InnovationQ® is the perfect tool for patent ideation and precise patent analysis.

Integrate Financial Info into Patent Data with Corporate Tree

Ready to know what companies are doing in your intellectual property space? With InnovationQ® and Corporate Tree, you have the ability to develop a complete portfolio of your competitors.

Visualize Your Patent Search

See what’s different in your intellectual property space with InnovationQ®‘s semantic map, providing a picture of useful information that shows how you measure up to your competition.

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