Innovation Triage: Identifying What is Ripe to Pursue Today

Innovation requires resources, and resources will become hard to come by in the coming months and quarters as the result of the global economic downturn caused by the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Indeed, during times of economic turmoil businesses of all sizes feel immense pressure to cut back on unnecessary spending. But what exactly is “unnecessary spending” for innovative companies?

Looking Under the Hood: AI and the Evolution of Search

Ever wonder what is happening under the AI hood? Or, how it has evolved in the last few years into what it is today? An area of exploding growth is in the use of AI tools in the Intellectual Property space.

Automating Your Innovation Workflow

Learn about the cutting-edge AI-enabled methodology that performs real-time evaluation and scoring of invention disclosures for novelty and market position.

Leveraging AI, Patent & Technical Data to Drive Business Decisions

In this session, Jasmindar Brar joins us from Titan Medical to discuss how companies of all sizes are leveraging artificial intelligence to make better R&D, Innovation, Strategy and Intellectual Property decisions.

Best Practices in Prior Art Searching Session 3: Exporting Results and Reporting

This session will wrap up the webinar series with a final review of saved work.  We also take a look at the many customizable options for exports and reports, including custom export templates and customizable charts.

Best Practices in Prior Art Searching Session 2: Reviewing Results and Refining Search

This session will pick up where Session 1 left off and will focus on the tools found within InnovationQ® to help you review results and refine your search.

Best Practices in Prior Art Searching Session 1: How to Develop a Query

Watch Part 1 of our Prior Art Search Webinar series. This session will cover the best practices for creating queries and understanding relevance in InnovationQ®.

Defending Against Infringement Webinar

This informative, half-hour webinar, hosted on April 6, 2017, focuses on how to determine if an asserted patent is valid.

Competitive Intelligence Webinar

This informative, half-hour webinar, hosted on June 20, 2017, teaches you how to view and interpret the competitive landscape.

What’s New in InnovationQ® Webinar

This informative, half-hour webinar, hosted on August 30, 2017, reviews what was new in the August 2017 InnovationQ®/InnovationQ® Plus release.

Why You Should Defensively Publish Webinar

This informative, half-hour webinar, hosted on October 18, 2017, reviews why you should choose to defensively publish.

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