Our innovations help you make the most of yours.

IP.com is an intellectual property solutions provider that helps organizations make complex business decisions around their innovations. Our industry-leading portfolio of services enables businesses to increase revenue, optimize operations, and manage IP risk through insightful data analytics and publishing.

Our suite of solutions includes:
InnovationQ-SmallInnovationQ offers a powerful, user-friendly IP analytics tool that helps you understand and optimize your company’s intellectual property. Powered by Semantic Gist, a proprietary, patented search engine technology, InnovationQ quickly and efficiently sifts through massive amounts of data to find relevant patents, applications, and prior art to improve IP asset valuation. Learn More

Prior Art Database
IPcom-PublishingPrior Art Database is the world's first and largest online prior art disclosure service, and has been in existence since the company was founded in 2000. It is a unique and valuable source of non-patent literature for IP professionals, patent examiners, attorneys, corporate researchers and development staff, libraries, and universities. IP.com provides search access and journals to patent offices around the world. Learn More
Professional Services
Professional-ServicesProfessional Services provides innovative companies with high-quality patent searching, patent valuation, and patent landscaping services through our team of engineers, scientists, inventors, and patent-value analysts.  We analyze patents and scientific information and provide technical intelligence and consultation to corporations, universities, and law firms worldwide. Learn More