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Solutions that drive innovation.

IP.com empowers the world’s leading innovators to increase productivity and reduce costs by providing patent and non-patent literature discovery tools, competitive intelligence insight, and target identification. Our industry-leading search and analytics software, along with our professional services offerings, enable organizations to make critical business decisions regarding their intellectual property, competition, and market.

Our suite of solutions includes:
InnovationQ is a powerful discovery and analytics platform that helps organizations optimize and monetize their intellectual property. Powered by IP.com’s proprietary cognitive retrieval engine, InnovationQ rapidly sifts through big data to efficiently and accurately pinpoint relevant documents. The results enable organizations to make critical business decisions around patentability, freedom to operate, market landscape, and competitive intelligence.
Publish in the world’s first and largest online prior art disclosure service to protect and strengthen your commercialization prospects.
Engage our experienced team of scientists, engineers, and attorneys to assist with search and analytics and get results faster.
Monetize IP quickly with the industry’s most comprehensive patent analytics tools and our Patent Factor Index Report.