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The InnovationQ Plus® platform is a powerful yet intuitive patent database with advanced search capabilities that delivers data-backed insights.
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Search, Review, and Export with Ease in InnovationQ Plus®

Our IP search and analytics platform delivers solutions that cover the innovation lifecycle, from ideation to monetization. Our AI-enabled, natural language search engine finds insights that help solve your most challenging problems. The database, equipped with advanced search capabilities, enables critical decision making around patenting, publishing, and competitive intelligence.

Updates to the user experience make searching for and uncovering prior art easier with enhancements to the search mode in InnovationQ Plus. Easily view your Alerts in the main search and use all InnovationQ Plus’s functionality to review and manage these results. We also added the ability to quickly chart up to 25 portfolios with up to 100,000 documents total. To enhance the search experience, we have added patent expiration dates and Japanese FI Codes. A new Query editor and refined UI enables faster searching and provides the ability to quickly preview large documents with complex embedded tables. You will find the new Company Lookup in the sidebar to understand company relationships more easily.

InnovationQ Plus® is the only patent search tool that features exclusive, fully discoverable content from IEEE, including full-text journals and conference papers alongside one of the largest global patent databases in the industry. IEEE is the most up-to-date source of scientific and technical literature in the world and is cited three times more than any other technical source during patent prosecution.

Interested in design patents? The newest release now features two new types of filtering options: Locarno classification codes and USPC classification codes. The addition of these filters facilitates the search for and review of design patents.

Powerful Yet Intuitive

InnovationQ Plus® is a unique innovation search and analytics platform that combines the power of a machine learning search engine with patents and technical content. The result is an advanced patent search solution that quickly finds relevant prior art and uncovers insights. Our proprietary processing technology utilizes both concept-based, common-language semantic search, and enhanced Boolean search filters. 

Analyze patent data with ease by creating your own customizable visuals dashboard.

Enhance your prior art analysis in InnovationQ Plus with bigger figures. Figures can easily be opened in a new browser tab and viewed at their original size, allowing for a review of tiny details and small print.

Drive Business Decisions

Gain data-backed insights that enable strategic positioning, patent mapping, innovation monetization, and identification of licensing opportunities. 

Customize your export with new export fields and a streamlined export action menu. The new Export fields include representative images and geographic/location information. Images in the Excel export aid quick patent identification and facilitate distinction among the patents of interest. Geographic location information connects the development or ownership of a patent/technology to a given inventor and assignee geography.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Monitor your competitors and identify market disruption quickly. Uncover patents within our database from global competitors and their subsidiaries and identify technology investment trends.

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