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5 Obscure Patents Inspired by Thanksgiving Dinner

By November 23, 2021November 30th, 2021No Comments

At, we’re primarily interested in helping our customers invent, disclose, and monetize useful technologies. However, we’re not immune to the draw of obscure inventions! These five Thanksgiving-related patents might not be commonplace at family dinner, but they’re certainly fun to learn about. We applaud their inventors’ passion for problem-solving Thanksgiving dilemmas, from chunky mashed potatoes to subpar pie filling.

Hand-held Masher Device

This inventor, who filed for a patent on their device in 2010, knew how difficult it could be to mash potatoes that are not perfectly cooked. Other commercially available mashers were limited by their large size, and how difficult it was to use and clean them. This solution includes a slitted “skirt” that houses mashing blades.


Automatic Mashed Potato System

If a hand-held masher isn’t enough for your Thanksgiving dinner, try this automatic version. This inventor was very serious about a complete potato mashing solution! Not only will this invention automatically mash your potatoes, but it also includes a “drain assembly” and “seasoning unit.”


Pie Filling Device

This inventor knew bakers often filled pie crusts with pumpkin custard after the crusts were already in the oven to prevent spilling. Their invention allowed these bakers to pump their pie fillings into crusts rather than transferring the fluid using a long-handled paddle. The “pumping apparatus,” which was granted a patent in 1986, is even powered by a motor!


Turkey Fryer Wind Barrier

This invention is for those of you who are deep-frying Thanksgiving turkeys in cold climates. The inventor’s wind barrier (which was granted a design patent in 2007) may be simple, but we’re sure it has resulted in many perfectly fried turkeys since.


Turkey Leg Holder

If you’re a big fan of turkey legs, you might need a way to handle and store them. This inventor has you covered, with a turkey leg holder that includes an “openable container” complete with a “pair of supports” and “rotation device.” This patented invention is said to keep you from burning your fingers on a hot turkey leg or spilling drippings while eating!