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Four inventions that made 2018 life easier

By December 17, 2018No Comments

At the end of each year, Time Magazine reveals its selections for person(s) of the year. These are people who have significantly impacted the world, whether for good or for bad. The recognized individuals or groups are usually highly accomplished is some way, perhaps quietly reaching an apex in their field or becoming extremely visible in their role in an event.

In any case, learning about such influential people can make some of us feel, well, “less than.”

It is a good thing that Time also produced a collection of “The 50 Best Inventions of 2018.” From this list of innovations, we find many are all about being “more.” Here are four inventions that were on the market in 2018. Each is a great way to make you feel better about your place as you begin 2019.

Keep Your House (and Yourself) Cleaner: iRobot Roomba i7+
… with a robot! Most of us are familiar with the hassle-saving and kind of fun (cats can ride on it!) automatic vacuum. Since the beginning of the century, the Roomba has bumped between baseboards cleaning our floors while we were at work or sleeping. But – that mess had to be cleaned out of the unit every time it went through a cycle. This is too much time to spend playing with dirt that you were trying to avoid in the first place.

Now – keep your house and your hands cleaner with the next generation iRobot Roomba i7+. While it is on the charging station, a second vacuum mechanism cleans out the unit and stores the debris in a bag. About once a month, you just empty the bag. That’s better!

Make Every Day Healthier: Bose Sleepbuds
Along with eating a proper diet and regularly exercising, getting enough sleep is key to maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health. This means getting the right quality of sleep as well as an appropriate quantity. For many of us, this is often easier said than done. External noises such as someone snoring, traffic, nature (have you ever lived near a frog pond?), etc. as well as the internal noise that our minds manufacture, prevent us from reaching the necessary deep levels of sleep.

Conventional ear plugs are often ineffective, uncomfortable, or even fall out because they don’t fit well. External sources of white noise or soothing sounds might have to compete with the coarser ambient noise — and lose.

The Bose Sleepbuds solve both of those problems. The earbuds are made with lightweight materials and offer a superior fitting method. And, you will not be tempted to overstimulate your mind with music or radio talk. The Sleepbuds only offer sounds that calm our brains.

Be a Smarter Consumer: MODEL 3 Smart Water Heater
How long do you let the shower run every morning to get to the perfect temperature before getting under it? Probably many, many gallons long. The other wasteful side of heating water is the power needed to bring it to the desired temperature.

Most water heaters use metal parts for heating, which can be slow. The longer the heating takes, the more energy you consume.

The new Smart Water Heater uses electric currents (yes, water and electricity) to heat the water on-demand. It works fast. In addition, to be part of the new Internet of Things, the system has an associated app that allows you to monitor and control water usage. Simply having usage information helps to make you a smarter consumer.

Learn to Travel Happier: The Carry-on Closet
Why is it that even the best suitcase-packer still has to deal with a fluffy yet wrinkly mess when unpacking? Items never go back in the case the same way that they went in the first time. On a long trip, it just gets worse and worse, until you have lost your packing skills under a pile of “just shove it in and hope for the best.”

The Carry-on Closet is a wonder. It has shelves. You pull up the unit to open the shelves and insert your folded clothes. When you reach your destination, take the whole shelving unit out and hang it in the closet. You do have to fold and re-shelf your clothes. But then, when it is time to pack again, just put the unit back in the case. Zip it up and go!

This will take a lot of the traveling frustration our of your next trip and make you a happy traveler again.

So, consider some of the innovations that not only make your life easier, but offer better ways to live. Sometimes it is the smaller changes that make us enjoy more of every day and have a positive impact on our own corners of the world.