Highlights from IPBC Global 2017

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By Joe Barone, Senior Manager, IP.com

What an exciting time to be part of the InnovationQ Plus team!   This week IP.com, together with our partner IEEE, attended the IPBC Global Conference in Ottawa, Canada. The conference was well attended by the top leaders in the field of Intellectual Property and Innovation.

A highlight for us was the keynote address given by Laura Quatela, Chief Legal Officer and Senior Vice President of Lenovo (and a Rochester, N.Y. resident along with IP.com).  The topic of her discussion was IP in the Boardroom, an Inside Perspective from a Senior Executive at a Major Company.  Quatela spoke about how it is imperative to help an organization’s Board of Directors understand the value of their intellectual property as an asset, and how it should be considered as part of the business strategy.  Another point she made was the importance for the  IP office to have a direct line to the Board of Directors,  not be buried deep within the organization.  She drew on her experience while working at Kodak, and as a Principle at her firm Quatela Lynch.  It was a fascinating and informative presentation.

As an exhibitor at the conference, we were displaying our advanced search and analytics platform, InnovationQ Plus.  A hot topic of the conference was “machine learning and artificial intelligence.”  Specifically, analyzing patent documents and technical literature for competitive intelligence, patent landscaping, and patentability/invalidity. IP.com has been innovating in semantic search and neural network learning since the early 90s. Our proprietary semantic engine and analytic technologies drew a lot of attention.

Conference attendees came to discuss their need for more efficient searching and discovery to give their company a competitive advantage.  They could easily envision situations in which enterprise-wide applications of InnovationQ Plus could be utilized to help save the company time and resources by allowing all members of the organization the ability to perform searches and share their results with multiple departments. As they expressed their ideas and interests, the use cases described were right in line with InnovationQ Plus’s capabilities.

The Investment Banks in attendance were looking for a tool to help them better understand the IP related to mergers, acquisition, and capital raises.  Having a tool like InnovationQ Plus fits their workflow because the natural language searching supports a wide range of users — novice to advanced.   They were also interested in viewing InnovationQ Plus’s integration of S&P Global Market Intelligence data.  A common problem with other platforms is the inaccuracies with their corporate tree and ultimate parent information.  InnovationQ Plus is the only provider with global data sourced from S&P.

IPBC was an extremely productive conference.  We look forward to attending in the future.   After our presentation at PIUG earlier this month on semantic mapping, our next conference is the Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) Annual Meeting in San Francisco in September. Hope to see you there!