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IP Intelligence

Innovation Intelligence: Simplifying IP Research

Strategic innovation keeps your business competitive. Existing intellectual property in your industry can provide insight into spaces within the technology landscape where innovations may be most successful—or even disruptive. This kind of innovation intelligence allows businesses to allocate resources, protect and monetize their intellectual property, and ultimately remain competitive. 

Your business can harness these insights (and more) from intellectual property—if you know where to look. IP contains a magnitude of information that can steer innovation toward monetization opportunities, but it can also be overwhelming. Manually finding and analyzing hundreds of relevant patents and other documents is time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. 

Uniting IP and Innovation

Tools designed and trained to simplify IP research provide actionable innovation intelligence. Semantic patent searching allows engineers and other inventors to find the information they’re looking for without being well-versed in formal search methodologies.’s InnovationQ Plus® allows relevant search results to be further filtered and sorted, revealing a manageable amount of information. The tool’s visualization capabilities can help searchers understand how results are related to one another, and to their latest ideas. Semantic mapping, as well as more traditional graphs and charts, reveal trends within the technology landscape. 

Strategic innovation requires more than just a patent search or two. AI-enabled IP tools can guide teams through the innovation process using the insights it uncovers.’s IQ Ideas Plus™ actually supports your business from ideation to validating new ideas to drafting clear invention disclosures. All of these capabilities are paired with an intuitive user interface, further uniting intellectual property and innovation. 

What do we gain from simplifying IP research?

The end goal of innovation intelligence is to move your business forward with novel inventions. Empowering employees to find and act on insights from existing IP enables a number of outcomes that help you reach that end goal.

  • Democratizing access to IP data spurs R&D teams to innovate more strategically.
  • Encouraging cross-team collaboration decreases wasted time and resources while resulting in stronger patents.
  • Keeping inventors up-to-date on shifting competitive landscapes allows them to prioritize resources.
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