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InnovationQ Plus

InnovationQ Plus® Winter 2022 Release’s InnovationQ Plus® winter 2022 release is here! This update incorporates feedback from customers using our platform to bring innovative products to market. We’re proud of the improvements made to InnovationQ Plus’s already robust patent search and data management experience. Here are the highlights:

Increased Speed

We are pleased to announce this release is our fastest InnovationQ Plus yet. Expect the accurate and complete data you count on in less time. Since developing the initial InnovationQ platform, we’ve continually made speed an emphasis of ongoing improvements. Our NLP (natural language processing) and semantic search tools work more efficiently to scour full-text global databases for the most up-to-date and relevant search results. Dive in and make more searches in less time.

Global Litigation Data

Go deeper on litigation documents with our expanded and more unified database of global patent litigation search tools. Identify and reconstruct patent portfolios, complete corporate trees, and find industry experts to combine with key court cases. With a clearer picture of a patent’s past, current, and future legal status you can better uncover current and potential competitors and navigate technological white spaces. This deeper legal discovery process will allow your team to confidently counter risks to your IP throughout its lifecycle.

Visualize and export millions more search results with access to a variety of global patent databases. Additional litigation searches include 10+ new databases from Japan, Europe, and the WIPO.

Complete Legal Data

Get the complete legal picture with additional metrics. Combined with the new global search tools, additional data points can be extracted from databases with all the visualization tools you’ve come to expect. Use InnovationQ Plus to confidently make quick and decisive decisions about patentability such as ownership, utility, and enablement with in-force information by country for both EPO and WIPO results. This data is now included in more complete document previews that display additional Coordinated Patent Classification (CPC) analytics for domestic USPTO searches like “inventive” CPC and IPC (International Patent Classification) codes.

New Name Count Filter

The new advanced name count filter adds utility to the current Boolean search functionality to identify, highlight, and compile the parties associated with a patent. You can now search millions of patents worldwide for their ultimate parents and current assignees. These results, along with access to more complete assignee/applicant counts and inventor counts are better visualized with other relevant search results to tell the whole story. Use these tools to identify and track patent ownership over time with accurate and current data.

Simply and cleanly displayed name count results are easy to read and basic to export. Sort and filter results more quickly to efficiently compare patents and identify patent families. With InnovationQ Plus, you can cross reference patent ownership to complete corporate trees, gain competitive insights, and add context to lifecycle data while strengthening legal claims.

Updated User Interface

Glide through our product more easily with our new interface that delivers more of what you need, faster. This is more than a facelift. The modern interface reflects a more natural and consolidated workflow helping you reach the right decisions in fewer steps. Fine-tune results like never before and spend less time navigating multiple pages of results. The streamlined user experience includes search customization features and visualizations for a cleaner look and feel with the same powerful functionality. The new crisp display cuts through clutter for easier comparison of key value, lifecycle, and litigation metrics.

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