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InnovationQ Tips: Corporate Tree

By August 11, 2017August 3rd, 2020No Comments

By: Megan Scroggins, Client Engagement Manager,

Branching Out with Corporate Tree

Corporate Tree is a new set of data, integrated into InnovationQ and InnovationQ Plus, to make it easier to identify and search-related companies and subsidiaries. Sourced from S&P Global Market Intelligence, it includes private and public companies, as well as government departments and academic institutions which are assigned patents.

Combined with the existing name normalization in InnovationQ, the Corporate Tree allows for more thorough and accurate creation of a list of company names including acquisitions and operating subsidiaries, which can provide a more complete set of results.

One way to use this information is to keep track of a competitor in a particular space by leveraging the semantic engine paired with Corporate Tree. The most efficient way to do this is to create a term list to allow a comprehensive search for the competitor and its subsidiaries and other child companies that can be saved and reused in future searches. Use the term list to create a filter and combine it with InnovationQ’s powerful semantic search.

Creating a Term List

To create your custom list of company names to search for, open the new Corporate Tree browser from the left-hand sidebar menu:

Type the name of the company you’re interested in searching for, which will bring up a list of potential ‘ultimate parents’ or top-level companies. Once you’ve chosen an ultimate parent, click View to open the list of child companies that have been assigned patents.

This list of child companies is filterable by name or location, so you can focus on a subset of child companies. Once you have selected the child companies you want to include in your search, click on the Selected button at the bottom right of the window and choose Save as Term List to save the list of names.

Choose a name for your term list and click Save. Now, you can use this term list as a filter when conducting your search.

Using the Term List as a Filter

Open the Advanced Query Editor to search for Current Assignee. Select the Current Assignees Boolean filter. Then, click Load Term List at the top of the dialog box in order to load your custom term list.

Choose the term list you created from Corporate Tree, click Submit, and click Add to create the filter. It will now appear in the Advanced Query Editor and can be edited/deleted from here at any time. Add more than one term list to examine multiple patent portfolios.

Enter a main concept in the Advanced Query Editor to focus the search to a technology area. Click Search and get a focused list of patent documents assigned to your chosen parent company and any child companies. Create an alert to monitor the selected company’s new grants and publications. Examine this list with Discover and visualizations, export your results to a portfolio and create custom charts in Analyze, or assess that same portfolio in the Next Generation Semantic Map.

Want to learn more about using Corporate Tree in InnovationQ and InnovationQ Plus? Send an email to and we will be happy to help.