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Newsroom Releases Groundbreaking Update to InnovationQ+ announces its latest product release, a game-changing upgrade with substantial improvements to a flagship innovation suite product–InnovationQ+™. With a bevy of new, cutting-edge visualizations and semantic AI tools, the InnovationQ+ product, a long-standing leader in IP search and analytics, has taken a major leap forward for workflow simplification and acceleration.

More than ever, businesses need an R&D pipeline primed with multiple innovations that can be brought to market quickly when the opportunity to proactively respond to market conditions strikes. InnovationQ+ provides the latest IP search and evaluation tools to meet and beat workflow efficiency demands and rapidly asses market intelligence to propel more ideas deeper into the innovation lifecycle.

HD-Analyze Mode

Integrated. Intuitive. Intelligence.

Among the significant additions is HD-Analyze mode for instant market intelligence gathering and intuitive landscape analysis. HD, or Hyper Dynamic, Analyze mode is a groundbreaking AI analytics experience devoted to the simple discovery and assessment of competitive technologies and the companies that own them. HD-Analyze mode includes stunning visualizations that augment standardized workflow modules like semantic Categories controls for a leaner, faster, and ultimately more cost-effective IP search and landscape analysis.

Screenshot of HD Analyze mode

HD-Analyze mode expands and builds on popular semantic-mapping tools to include Topic Maps and other AI-enhanced visualizations—just one of several new ways to dynamically control interactive innovation concept displays. The result is comprehensive and intuitive market intelligence analysis methods that fully capture the true range of associated technologies and related semantic concepts.

Synopsis AI

Instant Intelligence.

This most recent InnovationQ+ release is also headlined by Synopsis AI. The first of its kind, Synopsis AI is an industry-leading evaluation-stage tool that can quickly compress large and formerly time-consuming documents into instant IP intelligence. With one-click simplicity, Synopsis AI distills important patent details into brief and actionable summaries with key phrases automatically extracted. This tool is designed for large enterprises, R&D departments, and universities to dramatically reduce costs with accurate and accelerated technology evaluation.