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Managing the Innovation Lifecycle with

Your one-stop solution to help you go from creating ideas to promoting them to the world.

You’re on vacation with your family, sitting on a beach and an idea hits you. The entire time you’re there, it’s all you can think about. You believe your idea is revolutionary and novel, but you’re unsure how to show it to the world. Where do you start?

A great idea is only worth the paper it’s printed or written on. What differentiates a great idea from a great product is the implementation. Before you begin building your idea, you must research the market and see if your invention has been thought of by someone else, or most importantly, your idea and invention aren’t infringing on a registered patent.

This is where’s Lifecycle of Innovation can help you. With this revolutionary innovation lifecycle management package, you receive:

Evaluating Innovation with IQ Ideas Plus

Conducting a thorough landscape search into a technology area can be an intimidating task, but with IQ Ideas Plus, an overview analysis is fully automated. By using AI to limit this overview only to the most relevant technologies and companies, you can quickly focus your invention description on differentiators, or even identify new competitors or opportunities for partnership.

With review-ready exportable reports, IQ Ideas Plus improves collaboration between inventors and IP teams throughout the innovation lifecycle to reduce the overall time to patent. By avoiding costly back-and-forth between departments, while also reducing the need to outsource patentability studies, you can focus your patent committee discussions on relevant information and key strategic analysis. Strategic innovation with IQ Inventor’s Aide enables cost reductions of up to 10x and time savings of weeks or even months.

Idea Generation and Evaluation

  1. Start with a defined problem
  2. Describe the problem and perform root cause analysis
  3. Review AI-enabled suggestions and record your own ideas for future development
  4. Brainstorming functions for innovation groups
  5. Structured problem solving for improvement and product development
  6. AI-enabled disclosure drafting to help engineers increase velocity

Monetizing Innovation with InnovationQ Plus

With InnovationQ Plus, your company gains deep insight into the industry and businesses within it, allowing you to strategically monetize your innovation.

Monitor your competitors and identify market disruption quickly. Uncover patents within our database from global competitors and their subsidiaries and identify technology investment trends. Gain data-backed insights that enable strategic positioning, patent mapping, innovation monetization, and identification of licensing opportunities. Monitoring intellectual property trends in your technology landscape throughout the innovation lifecycle (and beyond) allow for:

  1. Reduction in upfront research costs – AI often finds knockout art
  2. Shorter invention review cycles – respond to inventors while research projects are still live
  3. Increased grant rate for high scoring disclosures
  4. Reduced office actions, challenges, and re-examinations
  5. Quick ROI: 3 – 9 months

Contact us to see how’s Lifecycle of Innovation can guide your company to its next big idea.

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