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InnovationQ Plus

InnovationQ Spring Release Highlights

By May 27, 2020February 4th, 2022No Comments

Our next update to InnovationQ and InnovationQ Plus is scheduled for May 31, 2020.

See below for quick highlights of what you can expect in this latest release.

Increased Semantic Map Depth: Analyze up to 20K documents on the Semantic Map. Explore and understand larger portfolios or broader search results.   

Company Lookup: Finding a company’s patents can be challenging. To help achieve this difficult task, Company Lookup examines millions of records to uncover name variations and inter-company relations. Simply enter a company name to search across patent and Corporate Tree data for a fast and complete patent portfolio search.  

Company Profile – Child Companies: View child companies with patents in a company profile. Company profiles are provided for companies matched to the S&P Corporate Tree and linked on document previews and in the new Company Lookup facility. 

Expand Portfolio by Family: Use the new portfolio wizard to expand a portfolio by family – simple, extended, or application number.

Relevance Switch on Visuals: Turn relevance colors on/off on bar charts for more impactful charts. 

Option for CPC/IPC subclass on Visuals: Choose to visualize CPC/IPC full code or subclass on bar charts. 

Japanese F-term: Filter and export Japanese F-terms to Excel. 

Increased Document List Limit: Retrieve up to 10K documents using Document List. 

Coming Soon – Insight Reports Update: A streamlined Technology Vitality Report will include additional relevant prior art and retire the U.S. Competitive Intelligence Indices. These changes come in preparation for exciting enhancements coming later this year to enable sharing and rapid review of novelty scoring and top results by inventors and IP departments. Stay tuned! 

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