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InnovationQ Plus Continues to Innovate Intellectual Property Research with Enhancements to InnovationQ Continues to Innovate Intellectual Property Research with Enhancements to Innovation Discovery, Competitive Intelligence, and Business Insights

 Latest Version of World-Class IP Intelligence Software Includes a Global Corporate Tree, Seamless Integration of Advanced Boolean and Concept Search, and Enhanced Semantic Map, a global leader in cutting-edge intellectual property (IP) tools, announced a major leap forward in business intelligence with the release of a new version of its groundbreaking innovation and discovery platform, InnovationQ.

The updated software includes a new corporate tree offering, the only one of its kind on the market, that sifts through global patent data leveraging S&P market intelligence. The corporate tree provides users with a more accurate picture of both public and private company patent portfolios — including acquisitions and operating subsidiaries — as well as government and academic institutions. In addition, the enhanced Semantic Map provides insights into the technology and competitive landscape. In September, responding to the growing demand for an integrated Boolean and semantic natural language search, will be adding new functionality to support advanced Boolean search. Advanced Boolean search may be used on its own, or as a filter to a semantic query, allowing for cutting-edge hybrid search techniques.

“InnovationQ is a critical intelligence tool for researchers and IP professionals, providing advanced semantic search augmented with Boolean capability, powerful analytic mapping and visualizations, and the only global corporate tree structure of this type on the market today,” said John Bonin, CEO of

Corporate Tree Organizes Company Data Unlike Any Other Tool’s new global corporate tree — the first of its kind — offers filters for patents matched to an S&P parent or stand-alone company. An organization name is selected by searching the S&P data, which allows the user to explore the hierarchy of related patents and organizations. This tool leverages S&P Global Market Intelligence company relationships data and is complementary to InnovationQ’s existing smart name normalization. Users can now receive a holistic and accurate view of patents assigned to a certain entity, enabling discovery of essential competitive information about patent ownership and more meaningful monitoring and analytics in one robust tool.

Integrated Boolean Search Enables Enhanced Patent Search
While semantic search extracts meanings and connections that keyword searching can’t, the combination of Boolean and semantic search that’s inherent to InnovationQ takes advantage of proximity operators when examining text; complex, ordered and combined Boolean and positional expressions; and complete access to the description/NPL text field. The powerful blend of semantic search, which improves thoroughness and accuracy by incorporating contextual meaning, and Boolean search, which allows precise control of a keyword search, allows the best of both worlds with a comprehensive and efficient patent search offering.

Next Generation Semantic Map Visualizes a Customized Patent Landscape
The Next Generation Semantic Map provides a quicker way to look at the patent and technology landscape, revealing trends and points of interest made evident by visualizing results based on semantic relatedness. The Semantic Map is also a powerful tool for patent portfolio analysis, competitive intelligence, and advanced market research.

Coupled with InnovationQ’s natural language search, users can quickly view iterations of the Map with patent data, non-patent literature (NPL), or both. At a glance, searchers can see how results are clustered around concepts. Users can then focus on an auto region or ‘free lasso’ to dive deeper into an area of interest and view additional unique concepts. The Semantic Map provides a quick and easy, yet detailed examination of a large set of documents, empowering the user early in the innovation process to inform smart investment. Also an important post-development tool, the Map helps maximize monetization by helping to find alternative applications for technology, licensing targets, and possible infringement.’s map converts patent and NPL data into impactful and meaningful visuals which may easily be used to make important business decisions regarding innovation.

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