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Summer Release Updates

What’s New in InnovationQ Plus®:

In InnovationQ Plus you will see several performance enhancements including the ability to quickly chart up to 25 portfolios with up to 100,000 documents total. To enhance the search experience, we have added patent expiration dates and Japanese FI Codes. A new Query editor and refined UI enables faster searching and provides the ability to quickly preview large documents with complex embedded tables. You will find the new Company Lookup in the sidebar to understand company relationships more easily.

You will also find our analytic reports – formerly known as Insight Reports – have been reclassified under the new IP Analytics section of the side drop-down.  We have enabled the ability to access the Inventor’s Aide module directly from IQ to generate an online Technology Vitality Report™. Inventor’s Aide uses AI to assist in the process of drafting a concise invention description, including automated jargon detection prior to calculating its novelty score.  This provides a seamless experience to getting concise, jargon-free documents that can then be scored quickly for novelty.

You can learn more about these feature updates via the InnovationQ Plus Knowledge Base.


What’s New in IQ Ideas Plus™:’s IQ Ideas Plus and its Inventor’s Aide module uses the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to help inventors draft concise invention disclosures, retrieve a ranked list of conceptually related documents, understand the uniqueness of their new innovations, and quickly assess their competitive edge. This helps fast-track ideas for securing funding, sending disclosures to Patent Review Committees, or obtaining grants by providing a business-ready report to send to a patent attorney or agent to file a patent application that includes the closest prior art and highlights the most unique aspects of your solution.

Describing Your Idea – Automated Jargon Detection

The challenge every inventor with a great, new, idea faces is writing a crisp invention disclosure that is easily understood by the Patent Review Committee and prosecuting patent attorney or agent.  Artificial intelligence can help accomplish that task saving both time and money – all while accelerating speed to market.  Sometimes, however, you are accustomed to including words in your disclosure that are understood within your organization but leave others scratching their heads, aka, jargon.

Just like talking with a person, jargon can be a barrier to a computer’s understanding of your idea. One of the most difficult tasks in describing an idea well is understanding how it is processed by an artificial intelligence system. With’s automated jargon detection technology, you can obtain immediate insights into your invention description, identifying keywords and phrases that are important to obtaining the most relevant information to your idea, as well as determining rare keywords which have a high probability of being internal jargon.

Scoring and Ranking Your New Ideas with AI: A Prioritized Innovation Pipeline

A core aspect of the workflow-enabled by IQ Ideas Plus™ is the ability not only to retrieve a ranking of the most conceptually relevant documents, but also to use AI to provide a fast categorization of your invention into one of three categories: Similar, Unique, and Very Unique. These categories can help you iterate on different aspects or embodiments of your invention to help you focus on the most critical aspects of it. Prior to categorization, the quality of the description is also assessed using our AI Concept Evaluation to ensure that you don’t leave out any critical information and obtain a focused and representative categorization. As detailed in U.S. Patent Number 11,030,260,’s proprietary Semantic Gist® retrieval engine enables instant and accurate assessment of an idea’s uniqueness.

Looking at the Best Art

Inventor’s Aide automatically generates a list of the most conceptually related patents based upon your invention description. This list is easily filterable based on company or keywords automatically assessed based on your idea. This facilitates rapid review and helps you iterate on your invention prior to generating a Technology Vitality Report™ (TVR), which captures this critical information.

Understanding Your Competitive Edge

Conducting a thorough landscape search into a technology area can be an intimidating task, but with Inventor’s Aide, an overview analysis is fully automated. With the amount of relevant information continuously increasing across industries, it’s easy to be bogged down by the amount of activity in a cutting-edge technology area. By using AI to focus this overview only on the topmost relevant technologies, you can quickly gain an understanding of the top players in the industry, helping you focus your invention description on the differentiators, or even help identify new competitors or opportunities for partnership.

Similarly, keyword trends can be used to filter the list of relevant patents and ensure that you are up to date on the latest keywords or phrases to consider incorporating into your invention description and review it in a rapid, thorough manner.

A Collaborative Sharing Workflow: From the Inventor’s Desk to the IP Team

One of the largest challenges faced by an inventor is how to collaborate with their IP department most efficiently, and similarly one of the largest challenges faced by an IP Department is how to manage a large docket of new, innovative, ideas. With Inventor’s Aide, collaboration is just one click away. By generating an Technology Vitality Report™, you can create a simple takeaway overview of all the critical technologies related to your invention. Additionally, reports may optionally be generated with an online review function enabled.

The Online TVR provides a dynamic and explorable snapshot of the same information contained in the PDF report. This facilitates instant review by IP Departments of the closest prior art to your invention description, as well as providing an Invention Novelty score to help triage innovations and provide an automated initial assessment of an invention’s potential for uniqueness, a critical aspect of the patenting process. This helps accelerate the time to obtain a legal opinion from legal counsel about the potential for a given idea and the best filing strategies to utilize.

Continued Innovation and Integration with Solutions

A thorough analysis of an invention description may require a review of information across additional dimensions. With the Online TVR, information may be automatically exported into’s InnovationQ Plus®, a robust patent and technical literature search and analytics platform. InnovationQ Plus robust suite of patented research technologies, such as U.S. Patent Numbers 9,418,145, 8,548,951, and 8,539,000 enables rapid visualization and analysis for an industry deep-dive, including its unique ability to couple AI-augmented semantic search with relevancy ranking and traditional searching techniques, such as Boolean search filters.’s IQ Ideas Plus™, provides an end-to-end robust, AI-driven solution for the drafting of concise invention descriptions and can help fast-track your invention disclosure review process. Its easy-to-use interface is suitable for organizations of all sizes and can also assist individual inventor’s obtain critical information relevant to their new technology, business, university, or start-up.