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What Can You Learn from a Portfolio Intelligence Report?

By October 15, 2020April 7th, 2021No Comments’s Portfolio Intelligence Report (PIR) helps IP portfolio managers understand the value and validity of their collection of patented and patent-pending technologies. The PIR looks at an organization’s patent portfolio, rather than evaluating the landscape around a single technology or patent. 

This targeted report ranks patents within your portfolio based on commercialization valuation, enforceability, and other essential elements of a strong patent or IP collection. Patented technologies within your portfolio are ranked using index scores powered by objective, repeatable, and reliable semantic processing. The PIR’s AI-based analysis delivers objective results quickly. This technology offers insights that allow businesses to make faster strategic decisions on a variety of topics.

What Can You Learn?

The PIR delivers actionable insights, ranging from competitive intelligence to monetization strategy, that is easy to read, interpret, and share.

Internal Insights

The PIR’s patent rankings bring to light many internal opportunities, as the report identifies both strengths and weaknesses within a portfolio. A true understanding of your IP portfolio allows IP professionals to align assets with business goals.

The insights offered by the PIR touch every part of the innovation cycle. Looking at a patent portfolio as a whole can pinpoint white space, which is likely a development opportunity. With a clearer picture of which patents are most valuable, you can better plan renewal decisions and monetization strategies.

External Insights

A PIR also allows IP portfolio managers to identify external opportunities. With an understanding of its patent portfolio’s unique strengths, a business can better position itself against the competition. These insights can also assess merger and acquisition opportunities and licensing agreements from the perspective of a complete IP portfolio.

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