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The service offerings of® are more than standalone pieces of software. They form an integrated suite that accelerates innovation. To address this global need across the innovation and IP industry, developed the Innovation Power (IP) Suite – a collection of solutions, analytics, and services designed to accelerate results along the innovation lifecycle. The backbone and common DNA across the IP Suite is a unique and powerful AI engine – Semantic Gist®. It has been powering enterprises, large and small, for over two decades, using natural language processing to provide seamless access to insights across billions of data points that are constantly growing and always evolving. The IP Suite focuses on providing a simple, secure, and scalable platform using class-leading AI.

Brand New IQ Ideas+ 3.0 Just Released

Introducing IQ Ideas+ 3.0 with CompassAI! Seamlessly integrate AI-driven ideation for rapid, effective solutions. Boost creativity and efficiency. Experience the future of problem-solving!

What if You Could Avoid Section 103 and 102 Rejections?

Leverage AI to detect and resolve potential rejection-causing issues at their inception. Craft stronger, more defensible patent applications, minimizing risks of delays, legal battles and wasted resources.

The Industry's First Guide to Responsible AI in Accelerating Innovation

Unlock the potential of responsible AI in our white paper. Explore AI fundamentals, types, and models. Discover how's commitment ensures secure and ethical AI, driving innovation reliably.

From Wired Magazine: Tech Giant's Hidden IP Weapon Revealed

Uncover the hidden strategy employed by industry leaders to share and protect their cutting-edge innovations, with standing out as the leading destination for implementing this approach.

INtroducing IP Suite

What if you could create innovation at a fraction of the cost and improve your bottom line? What if you could harness cutting-edge AI to accelerate a competitive advantage? What if you could do all this with one solution?

Keeping up with the pace of global innovation is challenging, and the associated costs, time, and complexities can be daunting in today’s economy. To stay competitive, you must take control of these challenges and minimize business risks. Traditional IP search tools don’t serve the areas where you can have the most significant impact – IP creation, collaboration, and evaluation steps.

To get a clearer picture of an end-to-end RoI model, it helps to visualize the coexistence of innovation and IP in a typical lifecycle. This model consists of six simple elements that represent the journey from an idea’s conception to monetizing the resulting IP. The question then becomes, what key measures along the journey could directly influence the bottom line – reducing costs, time, and competitive risks – and how to impact them with the most predictable outcomes and least effort?

IP Suite: Products

IQ Ideas+™ is unique in the market, filling a gap that traditional problem-solving tools and methodologies fail to address. It helps innovators and engineers generate and refine ideas with the most significant potential at the source of the process—before precious time and resources are wasted—so you can accelerate ROI.

InnovationQ+™ is an innovation and IP decision support workflow solution packed with powerful data analytics and competitive insights that enable informed, rapid decisions throughout the lifecycle—reducing costs, maximizing ROI, and accelerating innovation. Our patent search software and analytics platform improves ROI across the entire innovation lifecycle, from ideation to monetization.

Prior Art Database, the first and largest online prior art disclosure service, provides technical disclosures to patent offices worldwide. You can safely use your Freedom to Operate by publishing technical disclosures to the Prior Art Database, making them available instantly.

IP Suite: Analytics

Patent Vitality Report

The Patent Vitality Report (PVR) gives patent owners, buyers, and sellers an objective analysis of the assets in a patent portfolio. It provides valuable patent analysis in five understandable scores: overall strength, litigation risk, monetization potential, new technology value, and patent quality.


Our Technology Vitality Report uses a proprietary AI engine to power comprehensive IP evaluation, allowing you to rank ideas quickly, efficiently, and transparently. Get fast and thorough decisions with our Technology Vitality Report (TVR) and improve your review process with less effort.


Portfolio Intelligence Report

Assess your patent portfolio value and stay ahead of competitors while optimizing your IP strategy with customized innovation intelligence delivered by our Portfolio Intelligence Report. Our Portfolio Intelligence Report (PIR) can help you quickly rank and understand portfolios of patented and patent-pending technologies.

IP Suite: Services


Bring your innovations to market faster! Position your research and development team to increase internal efficiency, reduce outsourcing costs, and improve patentability with solutions from Rapid innovation requires rapid intelligence. Our world-class Professional Services team speeds up your innovation workflows, completing essential research, analytics, editing, and reporting tasks using industry-leading expertise and our AI-driven solutions.


Our team of highly qualified, US-based, and ITAR-compliant subject matter experts provides the industry depth and expertise you need with certainty and confidentiality.


We help you understand threats and opportunities to prioritize R&D, spending better, and achieve your innovation potential.


We surface and organize the most relevant, actionable data to propel your business to more robust IP and better bottom-line results.

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How R&D can learn to stop worrying and love AI

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Generative AI Makes Innovators Competitive, Not Looking for Jobs

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