Powerful Patent Search

Search Smarter with InnovationQ Plus®

InnovationQ Plus® is a unique innovation search and analytics platform that combines the power of a machine learning search engine with patents and technical content. The result is an advanced patent search solution that quickly finds relevant prior art and uncovers competitive insights. Our proprietary processing technology utilizes both concept-based, common-language semantic search, and enhanced Boolean search filters. 

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Powerful Yet Intuitive

InnovationQ Plus offers IP professionals a powerful yet intuitive patent search engine. With IP.com’s advanced patent search software, your team can:

  • Uncover relevant prior art with semantic patent search capabilities
  • Conduct professional patent search and analysis quickly
  • Utilize a single patent search solution throughout the innovation lifecycle
  • Drive innovation forward with our AI-enabled patent database 

Drive Business Decisions

Our patent search tool helps you quickly uncover the data-backed insights you need for critical patenting and publishing decisions. 

  • Analyze patent data with a customized dashboard and reports
  • Drive IP strategy and positioning decisions with patent mapping
  • Identify patent monetization and licensing opportunities 
  • Monitor competitors and quickly identify market disruption
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