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InnovationQ: Intuitive Intellectual Property Search

Streamline innovation discovery, find key prior art, and gain strategic competitive insights quickly and easily with our simple, user-friendly interface.

Accelerate Patent Ideation & Monetization

InnovationQ makes it easy for everyone on your team to search, find and review crucial patent documentation with minimal training. Simply type in a patent number or invention idea and instantly get a comprehensive ranking of relevant results. Through our proprietary combination of concept-based, common-language semantic search and enhanced Boolean search filters, InnovationQ helps you:

  • Locate critical prior art and patent documents
  • Search non-patent literature along with global patent databases
  • Develop monetization strategies for intellectual property
  • Manage patent portfolios and prioritize research investments
  • Identify competitive positioning and determine litigation strategies
  • Make important business decisions around competitive intelligence
  • See patent litigation history and status
  • Track mergers and acquisitions with the S&P Global Corporate Tree

Discover Why Patent Offices Around the World Choose InnovationQ

Drive innovation and growth with InnovationQ’s IP intelligence and analytics.


Streamline Your IP Discovery

InnovationQ’s semantic, machine-learning search engine is powered by common-language search and understands words in context.

  • Increase efficiency of searches with semantic and Boolean strategies
  • Craft better queries, faster
  • Repeat searches in new ways to find more prior art
  • Review more strategic, comprehensive results


Find Exactly What You Need

Precise Boolean filters combined with the ease of semantic search provide you with an advanced hybrid document search capability.

  • Be more efficient in your patent discovery process
  • Improve quality of search results
  • Reduce clicks and save time with quick-edit query bar
  • Use the same query for patents and non-patent literature


Explore Over 100 Million Documents

Gain complete access to InnovationQ’s global database of patent and non-patent documents.

  • More than 100 million documents from 70 patent and applications collections from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), European Patent Office (EPO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and dozens of international authorities
  • Full-text Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) documents, standards and conference papers
  • IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin, IBM Redbooks, PubMed Central and more


See What the Competition is Up To

Use our Semantic Map to visualize your intellectual property space and current patents in your industry. Intuitive, easy-to-understand results allow you to:

  • See the competitive landscape
  • Rank results by relevance
  • Display current assignees by total count
  • Export CSV or PPT files

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Get Competitive Insights for a Competitive Advantage

Comprehensive corporate tree from S&P Global Market Intelligence creates accurate portfolios of public and private organizations.

  • Uncover relevant patents matched to nearly 150,000 companies
  • Keep an eye on your competition—from top patent filers to large public and small private companies

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Create & Share C-Suite Reports

Make smarter business decisions with analytics and reports on patentability, market position, competitive intelligence and more.

  • Turn valuable insights into commercialization opportunities
  • Export actionable data into business-ready reports and presentations

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Upgrade to InnovationQ Plus for access to IEEE content

Enhance your searches with the only semantic search tool that features exclusive, fully discoverable content from IEEE, including full-text journals and conference papers. IEEE is the most up-to-date source of scientific and non-patent literature in the world, including newly emerging technical ideas—and is cited three times more than the next most common source of non-patent literature during patent prosecution.