4.4 Patch Release – December 2018

Having an open line of communication with our customers is critical. We solicit input, ideas and feedback daily from our users. That input has driven several new additions to the platform, since our last release in September, such as new content for patent authorities and NPL sources, enhanced Insight Reports and streamlined workflows. As always, we welcome your feedback – please feel free to contact us at support@ip.com.

New Content

We now have four new full-text IEEE Xplore Publication collections in Innovation Q Plus:

• MIT Press Periodicals
• MIT Press eBooks
• Wiley-IEEE eBooks
• Wiley Telecom eBooks

MIT Press provides high-quality content in fields including computer science, artificial intelligence, information theory, computer programming, information technology and electrical engineering. Wiley and IEEE partnered to provide access to eBooks collections spanning areas including bioengineering, power and energy and communication technologies. Wiley Telecom eBooks cover the ever-evolving field of telecommunications.

We continue to expand our patent collection as well. In addition to having every major global patent authority (USPTO, WIPO, EPO, etc.), we have adding new patent collections from Indonesia (ID) and Egypt (EG). While smaller, these are important pieces in our continued goal for complete global coverage.

Enhanced Insight Reports

Our Insight Reports analytic tools were added in the 4.3 release (Sept. 2018) which included the Patent Vitality Report and the Technology Vitality Report. These reports use machine learning and statistical analysis to evaluate the strength of a patent or an idea. They are ideal for business leaders to help discover new insights about patents, technology, competitors, the marketplace and more. In this release (4.4), we made updates to both reports that enhanced the clarity of their text and visuals.

Streamlined Workflows

It is important to find the most relevant results, whether for prior art searching or cultivating a meaningful dataset for analysis. Building and reviewing portfolios is a key part of the process, and now it’s easier to prune documents from a portfolio when needed. This new feature creates a more intuitive way to instantly delete unwanted documents, saving time and steps when reviewing a portfolio.

Updates also include an easier way to find and navigate between charts in Visuals, giving users the option to manipulate data in a more meaningful way, and the ability to export and chart related people and affiliations in NPL, which helps users understand who is doing research and where it is being done.

4.3 Release – September 2018

The newest additions and enhancements to InnovationQ and InnovationQ Plus now includes new NPL content from OnePetro, an online library of technical literature for the oil and gas exploration and production industry. With contributions from 20 publishing partners, OnePetro is the definitive resource on upstream oil and gas. New patent authorities are also added, combining global patent data and critical non-patent technical literature.

We’ve added new family enhanced patent fields to fill the gaps of global names, titles, and abstracts. Other additions and enhancements include integration of an extended patent family, options to export independent or all claims, leading, embedded, and range-delimited wildcards in classic syntax filtering – all highly requested from our users.

You can see what’s new in our short video.

We’d love to hear what you think. Please send your feedback to support@ip.com.

4.2 Release – May 2018

The newest additions and enhancements to InnovationQ and InnovationQ includes new patent and NPL content, enables customizable multi-panel views to make reviewing documents easier and more efficient, enables monthly alerts, integrates terminal disclaimer and regulatory extension flags, and much more.

Multi-panel View

You can see what’s new in our short video.

We’d love to hear what you think. Please send your feedback to support@ip.com.