Identify Potential Infringement

by analyzing market data, patents, and literature

Our Evidence of Use Search studies provide a comprehensive analysis of market data, patents, and technical literature and map this information to products, services, and standards in use to help you identify potential infringement of your patents, better protect your IP, and assist with your litigation and licensing.

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The tenured experts at® will work with you to understand your patented technologies and search for competitors engaging in similar, potentially infringing activities, as well as identify new opportunities and companies you may not be aware of for licensing or enforcement of your critical intellectual property.

This can put you in a better position to seek licenses, enforce your patents, or consider a potential acquisition, sale, merger, or divestiture.

Limiting potential infringing activity

Our team of experts focuses the search on the critical elements of your claims, mapping each piece or limitation to the potential infringing activity. Product brochures, website descriptions, and other information are considered along with the competitors’ patents to form a more complete picture of potentially infringing activity. We’ll work with you to understand how products on the market may infringe upon your patents and focus our search efforts based on your interpretation of your claimed invention and its scope.

Evidence of Use Studies are ideal for:

  • Assisting with enforcement strategies related to your patents, such as sending demand letters and engaging in litigation
  • Identifying potential licensees for your patented technologies
  • Considering an acquisition, sale, merger, or divestiture related to your patent portfolio
  • Understanding the value of your patents

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Evidence of Use News & Resources
The Palworld Phenomenon and Copyright Infringement in the Viral, Fast-Paced Gaming Industry

The Palworld Phenomenon and Copyright Infringement in the Viral, Fast-Paced Gaming Industry

During Palworld’s massive launch, more and more players and spectators online began to throw some hefty accusations at Pocketpair. While the Pokémon comparison is clear, some have called into question both how Pals were created, claiming the use of A.I., and how similar some are to Game Freak’s own Pokémon designs. Neither Nintendo, Game Freak, nor The Pokémon Company have commented on Palworld and its Pal design similarities to Pokémon.

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