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by uncovering patents and prior art’s Patent Invalidity Search is performed by our team of tenured experts with a proven track record in delivering search services to whatever scale you need – be it an examination of a single patent or multiple patents at issue in a lawsuit. Our experts work hand-in-hand with you and your team to ensure the results are comprehensive and ready to use.

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A patent invalidity search aims to uncover patents or other prior art, such as non-patent literature, published before the applicable priority date for the target patents’ claims, which may render the granted patent invalid. It can be a powerful tool to help respond to litigation against your company, challenge the validity of competitors’ patents in litigation or Inter Partes Review (IPR) proceedings, and protect your technology interests and market momentum while blocking your competition.

Patent Invalidity Service are ideal for:

  • Responding to litigation against your company
  • Invalidating encroaching or blocking patents from competitors
  • Providing powerful deterrents to non-practicing entity (NPE) demand letters
  • Completing due diligence regarding existing patents

Our Patent Invalidity service includes:

  • A full invalidity/validity search report
  • A claims-mapping chart citing specific passages in the prior art relevant to each claimed limitation
  • Electronic copies of any cited prior art, including patents and non-patent literature
  • Additional consulting and supporting sources are available upon request

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