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Our State of the Art search study provides a comprehensive understanding of the current state of a technology or field by analyzing the patents and technical literature. This understanding is critical when entering a new market or focusing your research and development activities.

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Competitor Insights & Reporting

A comprehensive search is conducted to encompass all aspects of the state of the art for a given technology of interest. This search can help you obtain a competitive edge over your competitors and lead the industry with your market and research activities. Understanding a technology landscape is a critical step in making your business decisions related to your development and go-to-market strategies.

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Our team of experts will work with you to uncover the state of your known competitors’ activities and identify unknown competitors, universities, government research, and other entities operating in the space, which may help uncover further opportunities such as licensing engagements.

Our dedicated subject matter and research experts identify the key aspects impacting your technology and field and focus our search on delivering critical competitive intelligence related to these key aspects.

State of the Art searches are ideal for:

  • Entering a new market
  • Bringing a new product to market
  • Keeping apprised of the research papers and patents of competitors and obtaining critical competitive intelligence
  • Ensuring the best use of research and development resources to maintain a competitive edge
  • Identifying strategic investment opportunities, such as acquisition or partnership opportunities.

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The Palworld Phenomenon and Copyright Infringement in the Viral, Fast-Paced Gaming Industry

The Palworld Phenomenon and Copyright Infringement in the Viral, Fast-Paced Gaming Industry

During Palworld’s massive launch, more and more players and spectators online began to throw some hefty accusations at Pocketpair. While the Pokémon comparison is clear, some have called into question both how Pals were created, claiming the use of A.I., and how similar some are to Game Freak’s own Pokémon designs. Neither Nintendo, Game Freak, nor The Pokémon Company have commented on Palworld and its Pal design similarities to Pokémon.

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