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Your expertise, and guidance can be invaluable in navigating the complex patent landscape, maximizing the value of your client’s intellectual property, and protecting your clients’ inventions. When it comes to patent law, having a trusted solutions provider is critical to ensure you are providing the highest quality of services, intelligence, and direction to your clients. Working with ensures you are providing your clients with accurate and insightful guidance throughout their innovation and ideation journey.

What if You Could Avoid Section 103 and 102 Rejections?

Leverage AI to detect and resolve potential rejection-causing issues at their inception. Craft stronger, more defensible patent applications, minimizing risks of delays, legal battles and wasted resources.

The Industry's First Guide to Responsible AI in Accelerating Innovation

Unlock the potential of responsible AI in our white paper. Explore AI fundamentals, types, and models. Discover how's commitment ensures secure and ethical AI, driving innovation reliably.

From Wired Magazine: Tech Giant's Hidden IP Weapon Revealed

Uncover the hidden strategy employed by industry leaders to share and protect their cutting-edge innovations, with standing out as the leading destination for implementing this approach.

Introducing a New Way to Purchase the Powerful, AI-Driven InnovationQ+

It's time to discover a new, powerful patent workflow solution to data analytics and competitive insights that enables informed, rapid decisions—reducing costs, maximizing ROI, and accelerating innovation. Choose from one of four flexible on-demand plans to fit your needs and the best part is you can upgrade or switch plans as your needs change.

Patent Attorneys


Attorneys rely on their legal expertise and experience in conjunction with patent search software to provide accurate and insightful analysis for their clients. InnovationQ+™ is a valuable tool to enhance efficiency, gather relevant information, and support informed decision-making in patent law. Patent search software also can assist your patent prosecution process for clients.

  • Conduct comprehensive prior art searches on behalf of your clients.
  • Use advanced search features and databases within the software to identify relevant patents, patent applications, scientific literature, and other published documents.
  • Analyze the prior art landscape to assess the novelty and non-obviousness of their client’s invention, identify potential obstacles, and shape the patent strategy accordingly.
  • Use patent search software to analyze the validity of existing patents or to assess the freedom to operate for your clients’ inventions.

Protecting, monetizing, and capitalizing on intellectual property require a well-defined IP management strategy. Our U.S.-based team of experts are International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) compliant, with more than 30 years of experience, and can respond to high-priority requests within hours.’s innovation experts will help you manage and protect your intellectual property.

Tailored Solutions


InnovationQ+ is an innovation and IP decision support workflow solution packed with powerful data analytics and competitive insights that enable informed, rapid decisions throughout the lifecycle—reducing costs, maximizing ROI, and accelerating innovation.

Patent Invalidity/Validity Search’s Patent Invalidity/Validity Search is performed by a team of tenured experts with a proven track record in delivering search services to whatever scale you need – be it an examination of a single patent or multiple patents at issue in a lawsuit.

Patent Landscape Services

Our Patent Landscape services provide executives, technologists, and investors with actionable intelligence regarding the extent to which competitors protect innovations in key technology areas.

Freedom to Operate Services

Our Freedom to Operate (FTO) patent search service helps identify potential patent barriers to commercializing your products or technologies. An FTO search aims to identify in-force patents or published patent applications with claims that cover the technology, process, or product you are targeting.

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The Palworld Phenomenon and Copyright Infringement in the Viral, Fast-Paced Gaming Industry

During Palworld’s massive launch, more and more players and spectators online began to throw some hefty accusations at Pocketpair. While the Pokémon comparison is clear, some have called into question both how Pals were created, claiming the use of A.I., and how similar some are to Game Freak’s own Pokémon designs. Neither Nintendo, Game Freak, nor The Pokémon Company have commented on Palworld and its Pal design similarities to Pokémon.

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