Do you have a clear path to commercialization?

Our Freedom to Operate (FTO) search will help to identify potential patent barriers to commercializing your products or technologies. This due-diligence process examines the claims language of third-party and in-force patents as a means of assessing your risk of potential infringement.

Why you should conduct an FTO search:

  • Support the clearance of products, technologies, or processes
  • Assess your infringement risk
  • Uncover licensing needs
  • Provide direction for your product-development programs

Objective of an FTO search:

  • To identify enforced patents or published patent applications with claims that cover the technology, process, or product you are targeting’s search coverage includes:

  • Enforced patents
  • Published pending patent applications
  • Expired patents (as potential clearing documents)
  • Performance of broad, full-text searches on patent databases in your particular countries of interest

You only need to provide:

  • A technology or product description (MS Word or PowerPoint format)
  • Clear definition of the features or subcomponents that require clearance
  • For a pharmaceutical or industrial chemical search, include the novel structure(s), compound(s), and/or composition(s)
  • The scope of the search (i.e.,countries in which to focus/target the search)
  • If available, a list of known competitors practicing in that area of technology

Your final results are based on a full review of the claims from the most relevant patents we find. Typical delivery time is seven to ten business days.