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Fast-Track competitive ideas

with our streamlined IQ Ideas+™ solution

IQ Ideas+™ is a unique problem-solving tool that helps innovators and engineers generate and refine ideas with the most significant potential at the source of the process—before precious time and resources are wasted—so you can accelerate your ROI. A unique, scalable, AI-powered solution to optimize, streamline, and accelerate innovation, IQ Ideas+ features the industry’s first concept-novelty scoring tool. IQ Ideas+ is a complete innovation management solution that helps bring novel ideas to market faster. IQ Ideas+ is designed to help your team capture, validate, and monetize their ideas, solutions, and innovations more effectively, ultimately making this process more profitable.

What if you could simplify and optimize your innovation workflow?

IQ Ideas+ offers a unique, simple, and scalable workflow approach to problem solving, brainstorming and writing better, more effective, invention disclosures. It addresses the areas of the lifecycle of innovation where a business can have the greatest impact – creating and evaluating IP.

Faster Patent Results

Experience a revolution in innovation that slashes costs and amplifies profits. Harness cutting-edge AI to fast-track your competitive edge. Achieve all this seamlessly through one transformative solution: IQ Ideas+™, a cornerstone of the Innovation Power Suite. Your future of innovation starts here.

Quick and Effective Novelty Scoring

Enhance decision-making with the industry’s sole concept novelty scoring tool. Rely on data-backed assessments to distinguish ideas poised for advancement in the innovation lifecycle and those requiring further iterations.

Innovation management to generate ideas and innovations faster

Propel innovation by generating and nurturing high-potential ideas. Leverage actionable assessments for objective insights, ensuring that only the most promising concepts are pursued.

Increase productivity with higher quality disclosures

Elevate invention descriptions for more robust, defensible IP. Evaluate uniqueness and craft disclosures that drive superior outcomes.

Simplify and Accelerate Creative Ideation and Collaboration

Transform ideation workflows to catalyze collaboration, reduce costs, and expedite patenting timelines. As a cloud-based software solution, IQ Ideas+ sets a new benchmark for streamlining processes, yielding accelerated ROI by offering an intuitive interface that simplifies and accelerates creative ideation and collaboration for improved systems using Lean Six Sigma methodologies to improve processes, reduce defects, minimize waste, and enhance overall efficiency and quality. Workflow solutions like’s IQ Ideas+™ enable organizations to realize the benefits of Lean Six Sigma methodology without the operational and financial burden of training.

Avoid Patent Rejection with Solutions Explorer

Leverage AI to detect and resolve potential rejection-causing issues at their inception. Craft stronger, more defensible patent applications, minimizing risks of delays, legal battles and wasted resources.

Lean Six Sigma Methodology

Lean Six Sigma methodology is a well-known process improvement technique that helps organizations optimize using a combination of Lean and Six Sigma principles. Businesses have the opportunity to see reduced defects, overproduction, and bottlenecks, not only in manufacturing but also throughout business operations and the supply chain.


Objective, Data-backed decisions

The industry’s first concept-novelty scoring tool for objective, data-backed decision-making. It quickly and effectively helps identify the ideas that are ready for the disclosure phase and those that would benefit from additional refinement.

Standardized Ideation Workflow

Consolidating traditionally separate manual processes with a standardized ideation workflow reduces time, error, and cost. IQ Ideas+ reduces R&D expenses while simultaneously increasing high-quality patent yields.


Your Competitive Edge

Conducting a thorough landscape search into a technology area can be intimidating, but with IQ Ideas+, the overview analysis is fully automated. By using AI to focus this overview on only the most relevant technologies and companies, you can quickly focus your invention description on differentiators or even identify new competitors or opportunities for partnership.

A More Efficient Way to Collaborate

With review-ready exportable reports, IQ Ideas+ improves collaboration between inventors and IP teams to reduce the overall time to patent. By avoiding costly back-and-forth between departments and reducing the need to outsource patentability studies, you can focus your patent committee discussions on relevant information and critical strategic analysis.

IQ Ideas+ is a complete innovation management solution that helps bring novel ideas to market faster.

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