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Patent Factor Index Report™

Patent Factor Indexes (PFIs) evaluate a patent based on advanced cognitive semantic analysis and large scale patent analytics modeling (including multivariate regression models coupled with econometric, citation, and bibliometric measures).

PFIs guide technology experts in developing high confidence strategies regarding a patent’s market positioning, making legal assessments, and/or supporting business-critical decisions related to a patent.

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Technology Vitality Index Report™

A Technology Vitality Index Report illustrates the opportunity afforded through the invention. This report generally indicates the novelty of the invention, the market share of the invention's original owner, and the level of market concentration regarding the invention's technology.

Practically speaking, this report should be used to evaluate technologies prior to publication. The report can be used as an early indicator of patent value and quickly evaluate a subset of the prior art. Low index scores correlate to low patent quality/value, whereas high index scores correlate to high patent quality/value.

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