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Insight Reports: Actionable Data to Drive Business Decisions’s Insight Reports use machine learning and statistical analysis to evaluate the strength of either a patent or an idea. They are ideal for business leaders to help discover new insights about patents, technology, competitors, the marketplace and more.

Technology Vitality Report

Patenting an idea can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition. Return on investment is often determined by the novelty and marketability of the invention being evaluated. With its proprietary algorithm, the Technology Vitality Report streamlines the manual search process of prior art by analyzing millions of patents and calculates a score from the 100 most similar to your idea. Because of this, the important task of determining whether to patent, publish or keep the technology a trade secret is significantly simplified.

The Technology Vitality Report provides a score, on a scale of 0-1000, for each technology that correlates to low or high value:

  • 0-250: The idea is not unique
  • 251-500: The idea imitates other patents but could be amended to be more original
  • 501-750: The idea may share some concepts but could be considered for patent application
  • 751-1000: The idea is novel and should be strongly considered for patent application


  • Semantically analyzes the 100 most comparable patents to the submitted query and provides an easy-to-read 0-1000 score, per technology, that tells you the novelty of the idea
  • Provides a concept/keyword set that appears in closely-related inventions
  • Shows a trend line of competitive technologies and the years in which they were filed


  • Calculates an unbiased score that facilitates quick decision making
  • Streamlines a manual process by automating assessment of ideas
  • Delivers a score for each technology to help you determine whether to patent, publish or keep the technology a trade secret
  • Serves as a bridge between R&D departments and IP teams shortening the innovation cycle by giving objective analysis of the concept
  • Enables development of stronger patent applications due to more insight on why the idea is imitative or novel
  • Streamlines work of internal counsel and may reduce need for using outside counsel

Patent Vitality Report

Whether you are trying to assess the strength of your own patent portfolio or that of a potential acquisition, the Patent Vitality Report gives decision makers the information needed to effectively identify the quality of intellectual assets. The Patent Vitality Report is generated using advanced linguistics, our powerful semantic search engine and a statistical process to qualitatively analyze both U.S. patents and applications. Scores are provided in the areas of patent, licensing and competitive values, through several proprietary indexes, that can be leveraged into a competitive advantage.


  • Displays a full overview of the patent including abstract, bibliography, figures and patent family
  • Provides scores that help you determine:
    • Uniqueness, importance and quality of patents versus similar ones
    • Level of investment made to gain global coverage
    • Number of competitors investing in similar technologies and how large/strong their portfolios are


  • Gain more insight into the value of patent portfolios before renewing, buying or selling them
  • Identify patents at risk
  • Accelerate the critical decision-making process by reducing the amount of time needed to review patents
  • Discover exclusive data needed to gain competitive advantage
  • Increase company value, through improving all IP-related processes, by giving patent owners, buyers and sellers objective analysis of the assets in a patent portfolio
  • Inform licensing decisions, R&D spend and renewal decisions