Discover New IP Opportunities

Our team can design a Patent Landscape report that provides executives, technologists, and investors with IP business intelligence about how and to what extent your competitors are protecting their innovations in critical areas of technology.

We start with a broad patent landscape and progressively refine the analytics at several levels of detail. This value-rich perspective provides the actionable insight you need to support strategic business and investment decisions and strengthen your patent portfolio.

Patent Landscaping Helps You Identify:

In-licensing opportunities

Out-license targets

White spaces that present growth opportunities

Technology trends

Novel solutions

What We Need from You


Technology or product description (in Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint format)


A clear definition of the features or sub components that require clearance


Novel structures, compounds, and/or compositions (for a pharmaceutical or industrial chemical search)


Scope of the search (e.g., countries in which to focus/target the search)


List of known competitors practicing in that area of technology (if available)